If you want to be truly present, sometimes you need to choose to be absent

After my last post about how we need to pay attention to gaps, one of my subscribers emailed me to ask me about another kind of gap – a gap he observes in his own attention, whether that’s at work or with his family and friends.

I’m ambitious and I want to succeed. Sometimes I just feel like I’m so focussed on future opportunities that I’m never fully engaged in what I’m doing right now,‘ he wrote.

This reminded me of some words from Kevin DeYoung’s book, Crazy Busy: 

The biggest deception of our digital age may be the lie that says we can be omni-competent, omni-informed, and omni-present. We must choose our absence, our inability, and our ignorance – and choose wisely.’

I sent those words and a link to Are you missing out? to my subscriber and we chatted for a while on email about how he can choose not to be absent from some opportunities in order to be present for others.

Today’s pebble for you to think about: will you choose to be absent in order to be present?


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