Everyone needs a little encouragement

As I write this, the 2017 London Marathon is just a few days away. Everyone I know who has run a marathon in the past has talked about the vital support offered to them by their friends and family, not just on the day but during the many months of training.

I was intrigued to read of the Buxton Memory Lane which will be situated at Mile 12 of the London Marathon course. Buxton Water is offering 35 runners the opportunity to run a short section of the route alongside someone who’s been supporting them throughout their training. The runners will share a taste of their incredible experience with their supporter, creating a wonderful memory. It’s hoped that this brief shared experience will lift the spirits of the runners as they approach the halfway point, reminding them of the reason for all their hard work and spurring them on for the rest of the course.

One of the reasons I love this idea is that it emphasises the importance of us encouraging one another. Part of my role as a coach is to cheer on my clients, reminding them of how far they’ve come already and that I know they have it in them to make it to their goals. Seeing them make progress and achieve their objectives then encourages me in turn.

I hope that we have all been the recipients of an encouraging word when our spirits were flagging and therefore that we understand the importance of offering support to others.

Today’s pebble for you to ponder is also a bit of a challenge: I’d like you to think about who you could encourage and then go ahead and offer that encouragement.

Have fun!


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