Looking for an epiphany?

When I sat down to write this post, I realised that it would be published on 6 January: Epiphany.

Aside from its Christian connotation, epiphany is also defined thus:

a sudden, intuitive perception of, or insight into, reality or the essential meaning of something, often initiated by some simple, commonplace occurrence.

Like many of you, I spent time over the Christmas break reflecting on the events of 2016 from both a personal and a wider perspective and looking forward to 2017. I had already chosen my one word for 2017 (you might like to choose more than one) but still felt that there was something missing, something I was yet to discover about my plans for 2017.

Then I came across a post by Brené Brown on Instagram outlining four questions she asks herself at the end of each year. Working through those questions,  I had my own epiphany: my own intuitive perception of what I was missing through four simple questions.

Here’s my slightly edited version of her questions:

2017-blog-graphic1. What do I want more of in my life?

2. What do I want less of? What’s no longer working for me?

3. What will make me feel more alive?

4. At the end of every day, and at the end of every year, I need to know that I contributed more than I criticized. How have I contributed and what will that look like moving forward?

I’m not going to share my answers with you and I can’t guarantee that if you ask yourself these four questions that you will have a sudden revelation of how to make 2017 your best year yet. I don’t believe either that this is a once a year process where everything falls into place on 1 January and we just follow the steps until 31 December!

However, I do believe that it’s helpful to pause every now and then to reflect and evaluate, making tweaks to our plans and checking our course as necessary.

Today’s pebble for you to ponder: are you looking for an epiphany? What are you doing to help that happen?

What do you think?

Turning over pebbles is the blog of Thinking Space Coaching. 

If you’d like someone to walk alongside you as you gain clarity about your work, your life and what you’d like to achieve, email me and let’s have a conversation about how we can work together.

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