How to gain perspective

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m delighted that readership of this blog has grown lately.

There are almost 300 posts on the blog now and it occurs to me that there could well be some hidden gems you’ve missed so last week and this week, I’ve selected a couple of older posts that I think you might enjoy. This week, my theme is ‘perspective’.

In ‘The wide view’, you can read about a lesson I learnt from a client who’s a keen motorcyclist.

In ‘A matter of hats’, you’ll learn about how Edward de Bono’s thinking hats can help you solve a problem.

Today’s pebble for you: are you ready for a different perspective?


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4 Responses to How to gain perspective

  1. hanatiro says:

    Thank you for this text! Gaining perspective is important for inner well-being as much as for the communication with the outer world.

  2. Jo-Marie says:

    Thanks for posting this. If we are willing to look at situations from the perspective of the other person, we may learn to appreciate each other more.

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