From August 2010: The long and winding road

I’m taking a screen break for a couple of weeks so am bringing you a couple of August archive posts – this week, it’s the turn of The long and winding road …

When I started training as a coach, the task ahead of me seemed huge. I had to read many books, attend workshops, write countless assignments, create personal development plans, be coached myself and coach five people for six months.

Laid out before me like a map were the various stages of my journey: my internal satnav would tell me things like ‘complete five learner sessions then turn to your feedback questionnaire’. Sometimes I came up against roadblocks – struggling with a particular assignment or a client having to cancel our session. I had to take a diversion and as soon as possible return to the route to my destination.

But we all know that if you’re driving, you can’t read a map at the same time. That’s why some people have satnav, even downloading celebrity voices so that they can be given directions by Darth Vader or Homer Simpson. That disembodied voice keeps them on track and giving them alternative routes when they come up against traffic jams.


Whilst I was doing my course, I needed to surround myself with people who could keep me on track. My husband, my coach, and a colleague all played their parts in checking my progress, helping me work my way around the various roadblocks, keeping me on track when I felt like wandering off. Being accountable to someone else as well as myself meant I couldn’t make excuses or wallow in bouts of ‘what have I taken on here?’ and provided me with an incredibly patient and unending source of encouragement along the way. They all played their part in ensuring I got to my desired destination for which I am very grateful.

Having learnt the value of accountability, I’ve continued to seek out such relationships and to offer accountability to others.

Today’s pebble for you is this:

Who or what keeps you on track?

Any thoughts?


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