Is it time for Happy Hour?

Earlier this week, I was talking with a great friend about time and how we spend it. We noted how often it seems that we have to move pre-planned activities around. When we went a little deeper, we discovered that it was actually the activities we enjoyed which most frequently got squeezed out of our schedules.

Pondering this a little further, we decided it was because we didn’t regard those activities as truly essential so didn’t prioritise them. We weren’t thrilled with this analysis so decide to look at how important those fun activities actually are. Some of the thoughts we came up with were –

‘Lunch with a friend and chatting about family and work stuff reminds me I’m not the only one who ever felt this way.’

‘My cardio class is the one place I forget about everyone else and just concentrate on me – mainly on staying on my feet! Staying healthy is really important to me.’

‘When I write, I get all the stuff that’s whizzing around in my mind onto paper and somehow it seems to help me sort it all out and see solutions.’

‘Actually leaving the house to spend time with my husband means we focus on each other and not on all the jobs we could be doing at home.’

‘Curling up with a book is the perfect way to unwind.’

The overarching reason we enjoy these activities is that we are restored by them, whether that’s physically or emotionally, which makes them pretty important. Consequently, we came up with an idea to help us incorporate them into our week: we’re going to include ‘Happy Hour’ in our schedules! I’m not referring to a ‘buy one Margarita, get one free’ type of Happy Hour but an hour when we do whatever makes us happy.

fireworks happy

I wonder if the same thing happens to you – the fun stuff gets crowded out of your day or your week. If your diary is sometimes rather challenging, why not check out big rocks first, preserving the margins, or how do you spend your time?

Today’s pebble for your contemplation: what would your perfect Happy Hour be and how can you fit it into your schedule?

What do you think?


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