One month in – sticking to resolutions

We are four weeks into January: Christmas seems a long time ago, the time for wishing each other ‘Happy New Year’ has passed and most of the time we’re writing ‘2016’ instead of ‘2015’.

From a couple of conversations I’ve had recently, it seems that the shine has worn off some new year’s resolutions. One friend went to the gym faithfully every day for the first 12 days of the month and hasn’t been back since. A client signed up for online Spanish classes but is struggling to get past ‘buenas tardes’.

If you’re feeling somewhat similar, perhaps you need to ‘keep C.A.L.M. and carry on‘.


C is for ‘committed’ – commitment isn’t just a one-off decision on New Year’s Eve (or any other day of the year). You demonstrate your commitment each time you lace up your running shoes, or sign into your online course, or leave the office on time, or practise your presentation, or cook a new meal or stick to your one-to-one appointments with your team. Missed a day? Don’t let that throw you off course: re-commit and start again.

A is for ‘accountable’ – it can really help to share your goal with someone and give them permission to check up on you. Knowing that someone’s going to ask you how it’s going can spur you on when your enthusiasm is flagging.

L is for ‘learning’ – as you start your journey towards your goal, what are you noticing? Is there a time of day which works best for you? Is it easier for you to listen to your Spanish vocabulary list than it is to read it? What’s hindering you? What’s helping you? Learn and adapt.

M is for ‘motivated’ – When you settle on your new year’s resolution (or any other goal), where did you want to be when you’d achieved it? What can you do to remind yourself daily of that motivation? My friend who’s struggling to go the gym is doing so in preparation for a long distance trek later in the year.  She’s had a t-shirt printed with an image of her final destination on the front which she wears to the gym to remind her what she’s working towards. My client learning Spanish wants to be able to chat easily with his future parents-in-law when he marries the girl of his dreams in Barcelona in September. His motivator is a photo of them all together at Christmas in which he describes himself as smiling but with absolutely no idea what they’re all laughing about as he couldn’t understand the conversation!  Your reminder might be visual or it might be a song that gets you all fired up and raring to go or it could be something else entirely.

Today’s pebble for your consideration: could keeping committed, keeping accountable, keeping learning and keeping motivated help keep you on track as you work towards your goal?

What do you think?

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