No drama

A few years ago, I had a colleague who often used to say ‘no drama’. If a problem came up at work that I needed her to solve, Anna would nod and say ‘no drama’. If I wanted to thank her for going out of her way to help, she’d shrug, smile and say ‘no drama’.

Curious as ever, I asked her why she always said that. Our conversation went something like this.

‘I used to get really wound up about stuff, even just the daily small stuff. You know, I’d forget to grab my lunch on my way out of the house and I’d beat myself up for being so inefficient and think “oh great, now I’ll have to go out and buy something and the queues will be really long and it’ll cost more money and blah blah blah”. I’d get so worked up about it and it would drag me down and use up all my energy.

‘I noticed too that I’d even get sucked into other people’s issues which had absolutely nothing to do with me and get all indignant on their behalf and it didn’t help them one little bit: I was just adding to their problem.

‘One day, I found myself in that same old spiral of getting ridiculously worked up about something and realised I was being a complete Drama Queen. I realised I had a leading role in my own personal soap opera in which everyone was out to get me and that this was doing me no good whatsoever.

Not my circus, not my monkeys

‘And so I decided I wanted to stop treating everything as a drama. I had to see things for what they were – if I forget my lunch, I pop out for 15 minutes, get some fresh air, take the opportunity to try out a new sandwich place and it’s no big deal. I try to steer of getting dragged into other people’s dramas too. You know that saying “not my circus, not my monkeys”? I try to remember that. When I say to you ‘no drama’, I’m reminding myself that so many things aren’t really a big deal and I’m able to deal with them. Saves me a whole load of stress!’

Not my circus, not my monkeys (1)

Today’s pebble for your consideration: how could it help you to have a ‘no drama’ attitude?

Any thoughts?

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