Ready for change?

When I was recruiting for a new team member years ago, one CV particularly caught my attention. Our ad had described the fast-paced nature of the role where things were changing all the time and we needed to recruit someone who wouldn’t be fazed by that.

In his profile, this applicant had quoted ‘Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine’ and that phrase has stuck in my mind ever since.

money coins change inevitable vending

As I write this, change is in the air. It’s a misty morning, cobwebs loop across the hedges, apples are ripening, and the sun is just beginning to break through. It’s going to be a beautiful Autumn day. We are all noticing the change, commenting on the colder mornings, the shorter days, and the leaves turning orange. Change is inevitable.

What if you’re facing change at work or at home? One of my coaching clients, Phil, has a pretty big change ahead of him for both him and his time. In a recent session, we spent some time coming up with some ways in which he could help his team through the transition and with his permission, I’m sharing them with you here:

Clear, consistent and timely communication

‘I can’t tell them everything,’ said Phil, ‘but I can make sure that I do give all of them the appropriate information so that they have the clearest picture possible. I know how uncomfortable it makes me when I have to glean information from here, there and everywhere.’

Acknowledge the change

‘It’s important we recognise the fact we’re in this transition and that we all feel a bit unsettled, rather than trying to be all “business as usual” about it.’ said Phil. Whether your son’s just headed off to university for the first time, or you’ve got a new job, or you’ve moved house, or you’ve got a new boss, acknowledging change is happening can make it easier to handle.

Notice coping strategies

‘I need to keep an eye on couple of my team in particular,’ commented Phil. ‘I’ve noticed before that Pete goes very quiet and buries himself in his work under pressure and that Anna tends to try to make sure everyone else is okay whilst not really looking after herself very well.’ When in periods of transition, how do you tend to behave? What about your colleagues or friends? How can you support each other?

 Set goals

Phil’s noticed that when facing change in the past, all his attention tended to focus on that and he let other aspects slide. ‘We still have work we need to achieve in this transition period so I think I’ll get the team together to set some short-term goals to keep us on track,’ he decided.

Those are just a few ways of approaching change: doubtless there are many others. If you’re facing a change in your work or home life and you’d like someone to work with you through that transition, why not email me to see how we could work together?

Today’s pebble for your consideration:

How well do you handle change?

What do you think?


ps I’m taking a break for a few weeks: back on the blog on 9 October.

Turning over pebbles is the blog of Thinking Space Coaching. 

If you’d like to take action and create positive change in your work and life, why not email me to see how we could work together?

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