Had enough?

As a coach, I have a few words that I don’t particularly like – the s-word and why come to mind. Here’s another: ‘enough’, but in a specific context.

This week, I was talking to Alex. ‘I’m not doing enough,’ he sighed.

‘Enough what?’ I asked.

‘Oh you know, just enough everything,’ he answered.

‘Really? You’re not doing enough of anything at all? Not one single thing?’ I asked him wryly. ‘Not enough sighing? Not enough wishing you were doing enough?’ (We’ve got to know each other pretty well so I feel I can tease him a little.)

He laughed. ‘Okay, I’m not doing enough with my team.’

‘Enough what with your team?’

‘Enough interaction, I guess. We’re so busy on this project that we all seem to shut down and stay busy in our own little worlds. We don’t talk about anything other than the purely practical elements of our work. I have no idea what’s going on with them.’

‘So what would ‘enough’ be?’

And that’s the big question: what would the elusive ‘enough’ actually be?

If we don't define 'enough', how will we know when we've reached it?

If we don’t define ‘enough’, how will we know when we’ve reached it? Alex was feeling inadequate as a team leader and had a nebulous idea that the problem was that he wasn’t interacting with his team. Until he defined how he should interact with them, he couldn’t possibly know when he’d ‘done enough’ with his team. We then spent some time clarifying what ‘enough’ would be:  how much time, how often, with whom, with what objective etc. This allowed Alex to draft a plan which he’s implementing over the next few weeks. In our next session, we’ll review whether that ‘enough’ is still sufficient or whether it’s time to define a new ‘enough’.

Today’s pebble for your thoughts: do you ever find yourself saying that you’re not doing enough? Have you actually defined what you mean by ‘enough’?

What do you think?


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