A letter to my mum

Dear Mum

I passed a milestone this week – a fairly unusual one that I’m glad to say most people never pass. I am now older than you ever were.

As you can imagine, that’s a pretty strange feeling. I’ve been thinking about you recently even more than usual and remembering how amazing you were. There are so many things I wish I’d asked you, so many things I wish I’d told you and so many things for which I should have thanked you.

My lovely mum

My lovely mum aged nineteen

You loved your family and friends deeply and were not afraid to show your feelings.

You showed us how to be hospitable and to make people feel truly welcome.

You put others first.

You taught us that sometimes mercy is more important than justice.

You and Dad showed us the beauty of marriage.

You showed us that choosing to be kind is always a good decision.

You were indeed a wife of noble character.

You listened more than you spoke.

Your inner strength and dignity strengthened us.

You were generous with all you had and all you were.

Mum, this list could go on and on! Know that I miss you and that you inspire me daily. Thank you.

I love you,


Today’s pebble for your thoughts: who will you thank this week and how will you thank them?


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3 Responses to A letter to my mum

  1. Barrie Jenks says:

    Dear Michelle, I found this week’s post truly moving and tells me (again!) how much you learnt from your mum. She always was, is and will be forever, proud of what you were to her whilst she was with us. I am very proud of you for what you have become and you carry so many of your mum’s lovely traits. You remind me so much of your mum – something I thank God for. Thank you, Michelle, for this blog reminding me what an incredible wife, mum and friend to so many she was.
    p.s. I love you soooooooo much!

  2. Julie Stewart says:

    I missed this last year. I hadn’t realised til I saw this photo just how much you look like your Mum. She will always be a special person in my heart. Big hugs. Jxx

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