How do you spend your time?

Recently, a client – let’s call him Mark – and I were discussing how his progress towards his goals. He was a little frustrated with the time it’s taking him.

‘Other stuff just seems to get in the way,’ he sighed, ‘and I know you’re going to say “tell me more” (he knows me so well!) but I don’t even know what the other stuff is.’

Then I remembered something we’ve talked about before. Mark is a keen cyclist and uses a helmet-mounted camera to film his rides.

‘You know how you film your rides, Mark?’ I asked. ‘What do you get from watching those back?’

He looked at me somewhat quizzically. ‘Well, the rides go by so fast that I don’t really notice everything and it helps me remember them better.’

And then the penny dropped.

‘Are you suggesting I film my day?’ he laughed. ‘Do you think I should come into the office wearing my bike helmet and film everything that goes on?’

‘Well, not exactly, but how do you think you could capture your day better than you do now? What would help you notice what’s going on around you? How could you find out what this stuff is that’s getting in your way?’ I asked.

We agreed that a helmet cam might not quite fit in with his office dress code! Instead, Mark is setting a 15 minute timer on his phone and every time it bleeps, he’s taking a photo of where he and what he’s doing. He’s putting together a visual diary to help him see what hinders him and what helps him. Next time we met, we’ll discuss what he’d like to stop doing, start doing and keep doing.

In ‘The Writing Life’, Annie Dillard says:

‘How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.’

how we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives

Today’s pebble for your consideration:

What can you do to notice how you spend your days?

What do you think?


ps if you’d like a coach to help you work on how you spend your days and achieve your goals, why not email me to see how we could work together?

Turning over pebbles is the blog of Thinking Space Coaching. 

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