If you look up ‘excellence’ in the dictionary …

When I was at school, one way of expressing a compliment (or sometimes an insult) was to say something like ‘if I look up “brainy” in the dictionary, I see a picture of you’.

Whether we’re thinking about work or home, many of us would like to say that we are aiming for excellence in both our approach and our results. Do we embody that characteristic and inspire it in others?

'Be a yardstick of quality.Some people

Steve Jobs said that ‘some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected’ and suggested that we should ourselves be a yardstick for quality.

If excellence is what we’re aiming for, each of us needs to ask ourselves how we define excellence, how we can deliver it and how we can encourage it. We then need to live up to that personal definition and to do so in a way which is clearly visible to those around us: otherwise, we’re never going to be a role model or, as Jobs calls it, ‘a yardstick of quality’.

Today’s pebble for your consideration:

what word best describes your words and actions?

What do you think?

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