One perfect moment

Picture this. It’s a beautiful blue sky, golden light day here in Venabu. It’s cold but we’re wrapped up warmly and moving fast so we’re pretty toasty. It’s quiet here on the forest trails and we’ve seen hardly anyone all morning. We’ve been skiing for a couple of hours and are making great progress.  The løype machine which cuts the tracks has been around this way already and the løypes are pristine.

Freshly-cut løype - time to ski

Freshly-cut løypes – time to ski

There’s a long, fairly steep (to a beginner cross-country skier) descent in front of me. There’s a corner at the bottom but I think I can handle it. Without hesitation, I use my poles to give me a little extra speed, then tuck them behind me and head down.

It’s amazing. I can feel the undulations in the snow beneath the skis and automatically adjust my weight on each ski to create the optimum contact. The wind is whistling in my ears as I whizz past the snow-laden trees. I am going faster than I could ever have dreamt of at the beginning of week. I am really doing this! I am skiing! I am grinning from ear to ear and all I can think is how amazing this is. I am so excited and happy!

As I round the corner and come to a stop next to my husband, I am full of awe at how perfect that moment was. As I write these words now, I can feel that same sense of joy bubble up inside me.

Wonderful day, wonderful company, wonderful skiing

Wonderful day, wonderful company, wonderful skiing

Some people would describe that moment as being ‘in flow‘ or ‘in your element‘ or maybe something else entirely: I don’t think it matters. I think what matters is noticing it, recognising it and celebrating it.

There’s something else that matters too: working out how we can have more of those moments. Maybe I can’t go cross-country skiing every day but what was it about that experience that I loved? When my clients talk to me about their work, I sometimes ask them to identify the high points of their career and what made those times so special and so fulfilling.  Once we’ve identified that, we can work out how they might be able to incorporate more of those elements into their work.

Today’s pebble for you to ponder: reflect on a perfect moment that you’ve had. What made it so good? How can you bring the joy or fulfillment or excitement or satisfaction of that moment into your work day or your home life?

What do you think?


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