Talking to yourself – first sign of madness or a smart move?

As a coach, I am privileged to spend a lot of time listening to others. I listen to what is said, how it is said, the pauses, the words chosen, what is left unsaid, and I observe the gestures and expressions used. Through listening, clarifying, summarising, reflecting back and asking questions, I help my clients deepen their understanding of themselves.

'Playing Big' by Tara Mohr

A new addition to my bookshelf: ‘Playing Big’ by Tara Mohr

A great friend kindly sent me a copy of ‘Playing Big’ by Tara Mohr . The subtitle is ‘Find your voice, your mission, your message’ and one of the ways in which Mohr encourages us to do that is to listen to ourselves, to our ‘inner mentor’. As well as considering the questions in her book, I’ve been thinking a little about the questions I often ask myself and what I learn from the answers.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about yourself, why not try asking yourself some of these questions?

  1. What questions do you most often ask others? Now ask yourself those questions.
  2. What advice or suggestions have you found yourself giving others lately? Does any of that advice sound like advice you need to hear yourself?
  3. What question are you avoiding asking yourself? What aren’t you saying that needs to be noticed?
  4. What kind of language are you using with yourself? Is it kind? Is everything a struggle/battle/fight? Are your words encouraging? Challenging? Negative? Inspiring?
  5. Fast-forward 12 months into the future: what question would your future self ask your present self?

Today’s pebble for you to ponder: 

Will you take some time this week to listen to yourself?

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Talking to yourself – first sign of madness or a smart move?

  1. Loved pondering these questions! Really helpful thanks.

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