Changing your view

Last week, we took delivery of a new bed for our guest room. This guest room was the only room in the house that we’d never really done much with so over the last few months, we’ve been re-modelling it. We took out a chimney breast, put in some insulation, had the walls and ceiling re-plastered, decorated, changed the window dressing and the final touch was the new bed.

The room looked great but we decided that in order to be sure that it really worked as a guest room, we ought to spend the night in there as though we were guests. It gave us the opportunity to see how warm it was, whether the new blinds were effective, if the bedside lamps were in the right place, if the mirror was positioned in such a way that any friends of above average height could actually see their faces in it, whether we needed more storage, and of course, whether the new bed was comfortable. We thought we’d done a fab job in re-vamping the room – and indeed there was a lot that was really good about it –  but putting ourselves in the place of our guests helped us to see the room from a completely different point of view and notice what we needed to tweak to make it even better.

This is a valuable exercise in so many areas of our work and our life. Considering how your end-user who has no prior knowledge of your product will interpret your instruction manual helps you write a more effective manual. Imagining how your team feel when you introduce a change into their working practice will help you to minimise disruption. Understanding the impact on your family when you make a decision about how to give your money away could help you avoid domestic strife.

Today’s pebble for you to consider:

How can you use a change of perspective to help you make better decisions?

What do you think?


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