Is this the sign you’re looking for?

Ever looked for a sign like this?

Ever looked for a sign like this?

We can probably all think of occasions when we’ve looked for the easy way out.

Imagine this situation:

You’re in a meeting and a colleague is telling everyone about her great idea for the new product. There’s a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that she hasn’t considered X, Y and Z – however, everyone else is nodding enthusiastically so it must be okay, mustn’t it? Do you nod along too? Do you speak up and risk maybe looking foolish or like a bit of a geek?

Or this one:

You notice a friend’s social media posts seem to be a bit less positive than usual. He’s not usually one for vague-booking so it occurs to you that you should probably give him a call. You’re on your way out though and don’t really have time for a long chat. Do you post a ‘thumbs up’ emoji and tell him to ‘keep smiling’? Do you decide to call him and arrange to meet up the next day?

How about this?

You’re pricing up a job at work with several different options. It’s taken you all day and just as you’re about to send over the spreadsheet, you realise that the specification of one of the items isn’t quite right. To correct it will mean getting in touch with the suppliers again and you know you won’t get an answer back tonight. Do you think to yourself ‘oh, it won’t make much difference and they probably won’t go for that option anyway’ and press ‘send’? Do you send all the other costs across but explain that you’ll have to send the final one in the morning?

The easy way out isn’t always the wrong way out. Sometimes the way out is easy because you have the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure a successful outcome. However, it can sometimes be a short term way out leading to a longer term path of discomfort or inefficiency or expense.

Today’s pebble for you – is there a situation where your instinct/gut/inner voice is telling you that you’re avoiding your responsibility and taking the easy way out? What steps will you take this week to avoid that?

What do you think?

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