Do you live out your values?

I’ve written before about role models, integrity and values  and I am struck again by their importance this week as I mourn the sudden loss of a great friend. Tony was a man of integrity, a role model and an inspiration to me and countless others.

Many of us have an internalised set of values and when we’re on good form, those values are evident to others. Tony’s life aligned so closely with his values that it was impossible not to notice them. Like a football fan wears a scarf to show his allegiance to his team, Tony ‘wore’ his values. What he believed in theory, he lived in practice. This consistent outward manifestation of internal values was infectious and you couldn’t help but be swept up by his enthusiasm.

Polly Campbell writes:

‘When you’re willing to discover and live from your deepest values, life not only becomes a more fulfilling and passionate adventure, but it also becomes easier.’

How come? I think it’s because when we measure our options against our values, we have a clearer sense of what decision we need to take. Our actions and our words are in alignment and we live out our values.

From personal experience and from sessions with my clients, it seems to me that when our values and our lives are out of kilter, we feel dissatisfied and even frustrated. I see the positive impact it has on my clients’ lives when they are clear on what really matters to them and they figure out how to incorporate that into their day-to-day activities, both professionally and personally. Would the way you live your life show me what’s really important to you?

Are you clear on what your values are? If not, do take a look at ‘our values make us different’ to find out how you could start to establish them and consider whether you are living in sync with them.

Today’s pebble for you to consider is this: 

Do you have a clear sense of your values? Does the way you live your life demonstrate those values? How might your life change if it did?

In memory of Tony whose life was indeed a fulfilling and passionate adventure,

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