Two powerful words

At various points throughout history, people have asked themselves this question:

What if …

…the Earth isn’t flat after all?

… we could inject someone with a little bit of disease in order to protect them from that disease?

… we build a huge underground tunnel to see if we can get particles to collide?

When my coaching clients are feeling stuck and are unsure where to go next, we find a huge sheet of paper and scrawl this across the middle:

Any ideas are welcome – serious ones, funny ones, easy ones, trickier ones. We keep writing and writing, I keep asking another of my favourite questions (‘What else?’) and the process frees us up. Out of all those thoughts, there’s very often at least one which my client wants to take forward.

So today’s pebble for you to contemplate is simply this:

What if?

Have fun with it!


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6 Responses to Two powerful words

  1. John Bayer says:

    I just spent a great weekend asking ‘What if?’ It’s a good question because is generates lots of ideas. It’s fun too: I found myself looking backward and wondering “what if” choices had been different. Then I looked forward to ask what if I tried to make those alternatives part of my future: would that be a good thing or not?

    • Thanks for commenting, John. I’m really pleased you found this a useful exercise and hope that you’ll explore some of those “what if“s.

      • Barbara says:

        This is a hard one! Will try and see what surfaces. Sometimes it seems each day is a box: limited movement! Maybe a hole to see out could be made! Thanks!

      • Thanks for commenting – what if you pushed open the lid of that metaphorical box, even just a little bit?

  2. Barbara says:

    This is making me think!

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