Do what you love – love what you do

Someone once said, ‘find a job you love and you’ll never work a day again’. Recently I read an interview with Trevor Baylis, the inventor, who seems to embody that saying. One of his most famous inventions is the wind up radio but he’s also invented 250 products for the disabled. He’s an inspiring man!

One paragraph in that interview really struck me –

‘I do what I love. You hear stories of people who have worked all their lives in an office, only to leave all their money to the local cats’ home in their will, because they love cats. I always wonder why they didn’t just work with the cats in the first place. (the emphasis is mine) You follow your heart and what you want to do, that’s what life’s about.’

This struck me as such an interesting way to think about what it is you really want from your career and your life. If you’ve already written a will, think back to where you’ve decided to leave your money. If you haven’t got round to sorting out your affairs yet, just take a few minutes to ponder this one. Where are you planning on leaving your estate, however big or small? If a cause is important enough for you to leave money to, is it important enough for you to invest in now, whether that’s with your money or your time? What values does this cause represent which are in tune with your values? This area of interest may not turn into a career for you but it may add a great deal to your life in other ways.

Trevor Baylis sums up why his inventing is so important to him:

‘Inventing all those things gave me a buzz because I’d been truly helpful and useful.’.

So today’s pebble for you to ponder: what’s your version of ‘working with the cats’? What can you do to incorporate that into your work?

What do you think?


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