Creating yourself … the continuing story

Last time, I asked whether you are going to find yourself or create yourself. As part of my personal ‘creation’, I’ve often used the one word or three word technique to help me shape my plans for the future. This year’s word presented itself to me in the form of a rather lovely Christmas present:

'What people need is a good listening to' - the mug says it all

The mug sums up my philosophy perfectly:
‘what people need is a good listening to’

This year’s word is ‘listen’. Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘hang on a minute, you’re a coach. Isn’t listening what you do for a living?’ Well, yes, it is – but I want to listen more often, in more circumstances, in more effective ways. I want to be even better at listening to my clients, my colleagues, my friends, my family and people I meet wherever I go.

When you learn to drive, you don’t usually go through the whole process of having lessons and passing the tests in order to then hang up your car keys and say ‘well, that’s it – I can drive now and I don’t need to ever do it again.’ You’ve got the technique and fulfilled the requirements of the test but it’s when you start driving on your own that you really develop as a driver. If I want to be a driver, I need to drive.

If I want to be a listener, I have to listen. The great thing is that the more listening I do, the better listener I become.

Today’s pebble for you to contemplate is this: what one word (or three words) will help you in your bid to create yourself?

Why not post a comment and share your word/s?

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4 Responses to Creating yourself … the continuing story

  1. Jane says:

    creative, relaxed, kind

    sounds good to me

  2. Kara says:


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