Are you finding yourself or creating yourself?

Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself

Wise words from George Bernard Shaw

A friend of mine has this card pinned to her noticeboard at the office and it made me stop and think.

We often hear of people ‘taking time out to find themselves’. What if we took time out to create ourselves? What if we stopped colouring inside the lines of the existing drawing and drew a new picture, big and bold, with as many colours as we can lay our hands on?

I remember doing an exercise many years ago where I had to lie down on a big sheet of paper, a friend drew around me and then I had to fill in my silhouette with images that inspired me, represented how I’d like to be, where I’d like to be or how I’d like to be. It was fun! I’d love to know what happened to that piece of paper – it would be interesting to see how I identified with those images now. I’ve done a similar (albeit smaller scale) exercise more recently about the elements I need to include in my life to feel at my best.

At that start of 2014, maybe we should consider creating ourselves rather than trying to find ourselves.  You could try a visual exercise like those I describe, you could choose words, you could choose songs: whatever works best for you. Do you want to be a skier or a photographer or a great dad or a writer or a singer or a compassionate friend or an entrepreneur or something else entirely? If so, what needs to be in your life for you to create that person?

Today’s pebble for you to consider: if you are re-creating yourself, what will you include?

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4 Responses to Are you finding yourself or creating yourself?

  1. karenoca says:

    I think “creating” yourself feels much more positive and proactive, more forward looking – rather than the more reflective “finding” yourself, which perhaps feel more like you are dwelling on the past ?

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