How not to throw

Recently, we went for a walk along a riverbank. It was a beautiful day and the crystal clear water sparkled in the sunlight. It was a very fast-flowing river and as I watched, twigs and leaves swirled in the water, tumbling over the rocks and making their way downstream.

I couldn’t resist the urge to throw in a stick. I looked round, found a suitable candidate and approached the edge of the bank. Unfortunately, the spot in which I found myself wasn’t great: the riverbank was sandy and had fallen away in places. I looked ahead, realised that I was already trailing behind my companion a bit, that there was a steep ladder stile to climb over which would be a lot easier without a stick in hand and decided that it was now or never.

I took the plunge – or rather, the stick did. Given my unsuitable vantage point and the fact that I have very little sporting prowess, instead of soaring through the air and falling into the middle of the speeding river, my stick ended up towards the edge of the waters. Rather than watching its triumphant progress downstream, I saw it trapped in a little offshoot of the river, caught in an eddy with all the other bits and pieces which had been forced to the sides.

I was a bit disappointed (although I must admit I thought ‘well, at least I can write about this’ so all was not lost). Selecting the wrong starting point and then throwing halfheartedly meant I had undermined my potential of success right from the outset.

We see this all around us, don’t we? We have a great idea but it won’t come to fruition without preparation and the right resources in place. When I coach and clients create an action plan, we work together to check that they are committed to this plan, that they’ve broken down the steps, that they have everything they need and they’re starting at the right place so they can wholeheartedly embark on their venture.

Today’s pebble for you: what can you do to ensure you’re in the right place to throw yourself wholeheartedly into the flow rather than getting stuck on the sidelines?

What do you think?

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