Back where it all began

(I’m stepping away from the screen for a couple of weeks whilst I concentrate on another project – in the meantime, here’s a reminder of why this blog is called ‘Turning over pebbles’: my first post from July 2010. )

Have you ever walked along a pebbly beach or a stony mountain track and suddenly noticed one particular pebble? You stop, pick it up, examine it, turning it over, weighing it up. Is it particularly smooth? A different colour to the others? Is it a gleaming white piece of quartz or a razor-sharp flint? Has the sea worn away its edges? Has the ice split it from a larger rock? What made you notice it? Did you skim it across the water’s surface? Did you replace it for someone else to find? Did you slip it into your pocket as a reminder of this day?

Questions are like pebbles. Some we don’t even really notice – which socks shall I wear today? Toast or cereal? Some niggly little ones get stuck in our metaphorical shoes and really irritate us – why did I choose this queue? Did I lock the back door? Others are huge boulders in our path: we must go over them or round them or turn back – where should I live? Shall I take that job? Will we have children? Still others are those I talked about earlier – they stand out from the other pebbles, ask to be noticed and examined, weighed up. So I stand there, midst journey, turning over the pebble.

Today’s pebble is: what am I putting off?

I have been putting this off: the very act of putting my words down in black and white to share with you. Having halted on this journey, turning over this pebble, for long enough now, it’s time to act – I’m taking the plunge and starting this blog.

Now I want to call out to you, to hand you the pebble and give you the chance to stop and notice it, to consider it, to turn it over.

What are you putting off?

Do let me know,


Turning over pebbles is the blog of Thinking Space Coaching.

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2 Responses to Back where it all began

  1. Christine H says:

    I am putting off so much due to fear.

    • Christine, thank you for commenting and for subscribing to my blog. I’m sure you’ve heard it before but so often fear is a case of ‘false evidence appearing real’. Sometimes just taking one tiny step towards your goal can be enough to break through that fear. Phil 4:13.

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