Looking after seedlings

We grow lots of fruit and vegetables. With this strange half-Spring/half-Summer (Sprummer?) weather, things have been taking a while to start growing. Night after night, we go up to the greenhouse and see what’s happening. Ranks of pots stand there, filled with the right mix of compost, diligently watered and yet nothing seems to be happening. The waiting seems to be going on too long. We can’t give up though – we need to keep on watering, regulating the temperature and making sure the pots have enough light.

Then one day it happens. One pot shows signs of a shoot breaking through the soil. The next day, there are a few more. Before we know it, we have 47 sweetcorn plants ready to go in the garden.


Progress towards achieving your big goal can be like that too. Maybe you’re introducing a different workflow in your organisation. Once your new process is in place across all departments, your work will be so much more efficient: right now, you’re rolling it out to one team and it’s taking a bit of adjustment. Perhaps you’ve just got a new job. Taking on your role is exciting and you know you can deliver against your objectives but at the moment, it’s just a question of remembering who everyone is and what you’re supposed to be doing.

We’ve all been there. I’ve been there. My clients have been there. How can we deal with it? I think it comes down to this.

Concentrate on the seed that is growing rather than those which aren’t.

However small the seedling, it’s a sign that something is happening, a sign that progress is being made. All we can do is work with what we’ve got so far. Nurture that seedling. If it’s anything like my seeds, this will be the first of many. They never seem to all come up at once.

Whether you’re promoting new working practices, taking on a new role, helping your baby to sleep through the night or training for a marathon, each step towards your goal is like a seed springing into life. We need to be patient, keep looking after the plant pots and notice every seedling.

Today’s pebble for you to examine:

What early signs are there that you’re achieving your goals? How will you nurture these first seedlings and build on your success?

What do you think?


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3 Responses to Looking after seedlings

  1. Jane says:

    This really stuck a chord with me. I started an etsy shop in Feb and had had one sale till now, and in June I have had another 5 sales. small beginnings but it feels good. I am concentrating on learning from this and really concentrating on getting my stock and presentation right to hopefully get more sales.

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