Making allowances

As I talk with clients, colleagues and friends, I’m noticing a heavy sense of obligation, of people feeling they ‘should’ do something. When we talk some more about where that sense of obligation originates, it often seems to come from within rather than from external sources.

It’s good to push ourselves, to aim towards our goals, to have high standards. It’s also good to realise when those standards are becoming unrealistic or when our resources are perhaps a little lower because of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. As good managers, friends or family members, we make allowances for others when we recognise that they are under pressure. Sometimes we need to make those allowances for ourselves.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll recognise this permission slip: I thought it was time to dust it off and present it to you again:

Today’s pebble for you to consider:
What will you write on that permission slip this week?

Do let me know,

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