Finding shades of grey

Are you viewing the world as black and white or shades of grey?

Shades of grey – photo by Amanda King

We are all capable of filtering how we receive information from the world around us. One of the filters I come across most often is the ‘black and white’ filter. Whatever popular fiction might tell us, there are no shades of grey for people using this filter.

There are times when just two options are available – left or right? Chicken or fish? There are other times when narrowing down our choices is helpful – ever felt overwhelmed by the menu at your local coffee shop?

However, sometimes neither choice appeals to you. What if you are unhappy at work? Viewing the world through a black and white filter leaves you with two options – leave or stay? If neither of those is an attractive course of action, you’ll feel frustrated, demotivated and stuck.

One of the side-effects of your ‘stuckness’ is that the ‘I hate my job/team/boss’ thought becomes so all-consuming that you lose the ability to really think about what’s going on here. Here’s where shades of grey might help. Rather than leave, do you want to stay in your current company but do something different? Or is it that you want to keep doing what you’re doing but in a different business? The big question to be considered is what is it that you really want?

When you start seeing the shades of grey in your situation, you can start to analyse your feelings further. What is it that really bugs you about the role? Do you need more support? Would you like to explore flexible working? Is a sabbatical an option? As you start to move through your shades of grey exploring your options, you become less stuck as you identify a course of action you are happy to pursue.

Today’s pebble for your thoughts: are you using a black and white filter to make your decisions? How could considering the shades of grey in between those two options help?

What do you think?

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