Washing machine need fixing? I’m your (wo)man

I know I’m showing my 1950s housewife tendencies here but in my world, a glorious sunny day + light breeze = opportunity to dry washing on the line rather than being irritated by it lolling around for days on an indoor clothes airer. Add to that the wonders of free solar electricity and you can imagine that I was delighted to be able to throw a load of towels in the wash on Saturday morning. This done, I felt I could tick off ‘do housework’ and move on to ‘do Telegraph crossword whilst sitting in the sun with a coffee‘.

However, it became apparent that all was not well when I returned to the kitchen sometime later. Instead of a kaleidoscope of towels tumbling in the bubbles, the machine was silent, full of water and with a red light angrily flashing away at me. In our home, we share and share alike when it comes to looking after the home but I must admit that when warning indicators appear, I usually step away and seek out my husband’s help. Saturday was different. Whilst he immediately offered to sort out the washing machine, I felt that maybe it was about time I had a go.

Half an hour later, having deciphered the curious non-verbal instructions which were of the ‘Morph and a very large spanner’ Ikea kind, I’d drained the lye (and learnt a new word), removed the impeller and located the problem – a rogue collar stiffener from a shirt blocking the pump.

As I’m not mechanically-minded, it would have been easy for me to leave this one to my husband. However, I had a huge sense of satisfaction that I’d fixed the problem and spared him the hassle. As I hung out the towels, I wondered in what other areas of my life and work this might be applicable.

Today’s pebble for you to consider:

What will you tackle this week that you’d normally avoid?

Are you willing to share your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you.


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2 Responses to Washing machine need fixing? I’m your (wo)man

  1. Lesley says:

    Once again, a very inspiring and very thought provoking piece! I just get so much from these posts! My question is do I want to “tackle” something or just do it? Although I think “tackle” a great word- there is something quite tenacious about it!

    • Thanks, Lesley! I agree with you about the tenacity of ‘tackle’: for me, it has the feeling of conscious effort, of noticing what I’m doing, rather than just drifting through it.

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