Ask the next person you see what their passion is

One of my luxuries is really good coffee. I drink my coffee black and unsweetened so the beans are all important. For some time now, whenever we visit Salisbury market on a Saturday, we head straight to the Quetzal Coffee Company’s stall. It’s easy to find: we just follow our noses!

Just a simple market stall with a few hessian coffee sacks, a price list and tubs of the various roasts available and yet shopping there is a real pleasure. Simon the stallholder is truly passionate about his coffee. He opens the tubs of the different beans, releasing their delicious aromas, telling us about the softer beans grown at a lower altitude and how they taste in comparison to the higher altitude and therefore harder beans. The gleaming beans run through his fingers as he takes us through the qualities of each – whether it’s more suited to an espresso or a longer drink, how winey or chocolatey it is, what difference the darkness of the roast makes. He asks how we like our coffee, when we drink it, what we have tried before to best identify what we might enjoy this time. It’s like going on a coffee blind date organised by an exceptional matchmaker!

Last weekend, we stood talking to him for about twenty minutes, discussing not just the coffee but suggesting other possible markets (more local to us so we can indulge more often!) where he could sell the beans. Infected by his passion, we left not just with two bags of coffee – some Costa Rican and some Brazilian – but with a feeling of satisfaction after a very interesting conversation and a delicious sense of anticipation about our post-prandial cuppa. We weren’t disappointed: both coffees are fabulous!

The Holstee Manifesto says ‘Ask the next person you meet what their passion is, and share your inspiring dream with them’.

My passion is coaching – no surprises there! Whether it’s on-the-job in my daily role or one-to-one sessions with my clients, having the chance to be part of helping people achieve the results they desire makes my day. Working with people like you to discover and release all that untapped potential is a joy. It’s like lighting a firework and then having your breath taken away by the amazing display! I am constantly delighted to see the difference coaching makes.

I’ve shared my passion: now it’s over to you.

Today’s pebble for your contemplation: What’s your passion?

Do tell me about it,


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