Cherish: adorn: construct

Portmeirion is a remarkable Italianate village on the coast of North Wales. If you’ve never seen it, do go and look at the pictures now: it’s not what you expect to find in Wales!

A friend of mine counts Portmeirion as one of her favourite places and mentioned that she’d bought herself a rather splendid mousemat featuring the motto of Portmeirion’s creator, Sir Bertram Clough Williams-Ellis:

Cherish the past

Adorn the present

Construct for the future

If you’ve been thinking seven thoughts over the last seven days, you will have been embracing Clough Williams-Ellis’ philosophy as you reflected on 2011 and planned for 2012. I plan on using the motto to help me consider each day, whether at work or at home, seeing how I can incorporate his instructions in my reflections.

Cherish the past

What was good about yesterday? What didn’t go so well? What did I learn yesterday? What do I want to capture about it? How can I capture it? A photograph? Adding another section to my training notes? Writing in my journal? Discussing it with a colleague? Recording a memo on my phone?

Adorn the present

To me, this means to somehow make today better. Can I add more value to my presentation? Can I go out of my way to encourage someone? Is there something which would improve my physical environment? Can I nip in the bud that problem with my project before it becomes a huge issue? Can I determine to eat something healthy and get some fresh air at lunch rather than working through and grabbing some junk food? Can I give constructive feedback?

Construct for the future

What can I do today that will bring benefits next week/next month/next year? How can I take what I’m learning today and ensure that it’s contributing to what I want to achieve? What steps will I take now to lay the foundations for the future of my family? How does what I do at work today help me develop my career? How can I look after myself today to make sure I’m ready for tomorrow? What do I need to put down today in order to pick up something else next week?

So today’s pebble for you to contemplate is this:

How can you cherish the past, adorn the present and construct the future?

Do let me know what you think,


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