Seven thoughts in seven days

Perhaps the start of a new year has given you pause and cause for thought: it seems to have that effect on most of us. This time last year, I wrote about ‘3 little words’: today I’m upping the ante and giving you seven questions to consider over the next seven days.

Day one: What three words describe my 2011?

Was it ‘creative; challenging; rewarding’ or ‘frustrating; inconsistent; unexpected’? How was it?

Day two: What three words would I like to describe 2012?

Take today to consider how you’d like to shape your year. Would you like your year to be ‘healthy; fulfilling; peaceful’? Will 2012 be a year of ‘progress; success; fun’? Something else?

Day three: What lessons do I want to carry from 2011 into 2012?

What did you learn last year that you don’t want to forget about? Make a note of it today in an easily accessible place – whether that’s your diary, on your smartphone or on a postcard stuck to the fridge. Why lose what you’ve learnt and have to start again?

Day four: What’s next for me in 2012?

You’ve got 12 months ahead of you. What’s first on your list? And then? And after that?

Day five: What skills do I need to master this year?

What’s going to be useful/essential/fun for you to learn in 2012?

Day six: Whose support will I need to secure to help me achieve my 2012 goals?

Do you need your manager to approve some training or help to arrange a secondment with another team? Does your business partner need to take over handling the marketing so you can gain a greater understanding of your company’s finances? Do you need a running buddy to keep you (literally) on track with your goal to run a half-marathon? Do you need to work with a coach to help you explore and achieve your aspirations?

Day seven: What would I do this year if I weren’t worried what others might think?

Hmm, now there’s an interesting question. Would you take a sabbatical and go and work on a conservation project somewhere exotic? Would you go back to work even though it meant you’d need a child minder? Would you look to make a sideways move within your company? Would you sell your house and live in a boat? Would you write a book?  Would you set up your own consultancy? Would you learn to drive?

What’s the one thing you would do? How important are the opinions of those ‘others’?

There you have it – a week’s worth of pebbles for you to turn over: seven days to shape this year.

Today’s pebble is this: will you take the ‘seven thoughts in seven days’ challenge?

Are you up for the challenge?


Turning over pebbles is the blog of Thinking Space Coaching. 

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3 Responses to Seven thoughts in seven days

  1. R says:

    Great thoughts for the New Year! I’m going to have a look at this – and dig out similar from last year to see how they have changed and what I achieved!

    Thanks :o)

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