A little explore

how do you handle diversions

I have no innate sense of direction. I think East just sounds like it should be on the left-hand side of the compass (no, I have no idea why either) and I simply cannot carry a map in my head. If there’s a long way to leave a car park, instinctively I’ll find it. All this leads to what I refer to as one of my ‘little explores’ – much less harsh than the reality that I’m directionally-challenged!

One of those big yellow ‘diversion’ signs can throw me into a panic – I’ve just lost the loose grip I had on the route I had planned and it’s been replaced by a route imposed by someone else: someone who has no idea that I needed to stop off at the post office and drop off a book at a friend’s house en route!

When I think about it more rationally, it seems the point of a diversion is to take traffic away from a trouble spot. We may not achieve the planned destination in the same way but we have been diverted from a problem, whether that’s an accident, road works, or a flock of sheep wandering around the carriageway!

Life sometimes presents us with a big yellow diversion sign. Maybe your job is relocating to a different city and consequently you and your family are moving home. Perhaps the course you took isn’t working out the way you’d hoped. Maybe your application for emigration has been turned down. Unforeseen circumstances are exactly that – unforeseen – and sometimes that means a diversion from our original plan.

When we’re sent on such a diversion, sometimes it completely floors us. We’ve made plans based on the original route and those are now thrown into disarray. For me, this is when I realise that I need to stop and reflect on what’s happening before moving on. If you feel like that too, you may find it useful to focus on four key questions to help you through that process:

What’s actually going on?

What else?

What help do I need?

What next?

You can read more about those here.

Today’s pebble for your thoughts:

Are you facing a diversion? How are you handling it?

Any thoughts?


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