A job or the job?

How do you feel about your current job?

Is it just a job or is it the job?

Are you taking your place on a work treadmill or are you striding out on the job journey of a lifetime?

Do you suffer from ‘Sunday Eveningitis’ or are you looking forward to getting back to your work and to the contribution you can make?

Is your salary compensation for hours of ‘same-old same-old’ or, if money were no object, would you do your job for nothing?

What about that job vacancy you noticed the other day?

Is that just a job?  Are you applying because you need an exit strategy from your current job?

Is it the job?  The one you’ve always wanted and have been working towards for years?

They say life is short but if you’re not enjoying your role, the 45 hours a week (just a guesstimate) you spend travelling to work/being at work/travelling home can really drag.

Of course you may be doing a job to fund the job – and maybe in that case the job isn’t a paid role yet or never will be: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all, if that’s a decision you’ve consciously taken.

If that’s not the case, why not go out and find the job? The job that you’re perfect for and the job that’s perfect for you: it’s out there somewhere – you just haven’t found it yet.

Today’s pebble for your consideration: do you need to start looking?

What do you think?

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3 Responses to A job or the job?

  1. Rebecca says:

    I like the idea of imagining what I would invest my time and energy into if money wasn’t a question.. and in doing so find it very challenging! What would I do?

    During the address at the Royal Wedding the Bishop Richard Chartres spoke with such passion…“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” So said St Catherine of Siena whose festival day this is. This was an awe-inspiring start to a great address and again I found it deeply challenging.

    How many of us have become aware of a purpose, calling, gift, talent or skill that perhaps we were born to share with the world in a little or great way?

    Id love to know other peoples thoughts on this!?

    Rebecca Green

    • Hi
      I found that St Catherine quote very challenging too – and thought the whole address was excellent.

      Another challenge is how to turn that purpose, calling, gift, talent or skill into a role – particularly in a society where money is relevant.

      Like you, I’d love to know what other people think.

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