How to focus

Photo by Martin Rogers

I love to star-gaze. There is nothing quite so breath-taking as a clear sky on a dark night with the constellations picked out like pearls on velvet. Being married to an astrophysicist has meant that I now understand rather more about what I’m actually looking at although I’m still useless at getting the telescope or binoculars into focus.

When I finally get it right though, it’s amazing. I twist the mechanism round and the moon moves into focus. With that focus comes clarity. I can see detail that I have no chance of seeing with the naked eye. What looked pretty good from down here now has an increased beauty and magnificence.

If I then sweep the binoculars back down to ground level, everything suddenly becomes a blur. I’m too close to the subject and can’t see anything clearly. Carefully adjusting the focus for the new subject of my interest, I attain a new clarity.

So how does this apply to our work and our lives? I guess it’s about making the right decision on what to train our focus. Is it most appropriate to appreciate the subject from a distance – to get the big picture? Will this mean I miss out on some important specifics of a project?

Do I need to narrow in on the detail here? Will an intense look right at the very centre of the issue give me the clarity I need to gain new insight? Does zooming in mean that I’m so drawn into the detail that I can’t stand back and evaluate the matter objectively?

It seems to me that the worst position to be in is one in which everything is a blur: nothing’s focussed, there’s too much noise and distraction, usually because I’m moving too fast. One thing I’ve noticed about being able to focus the binoculars is that I need to stand still in order to be able to do it properly. Likewise, I need to stand still and consider an issue before determining the object of my focus.

Today’s pebble for you to consider:

Do you need to stand still and adjust your focus?

Does your subject require a ‘big picture’ or a ‘zoomed in’ approach?

What do you think?


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