A manifesto for life?

I talk a lot about living in line with our values. Holstee came about as a way in which its founders could live a life reflecting theirs, as shown in their manifesto reproduced above. Their products are socially aware, sustainably produced and enviably cool. Go and have a look.

I love this manifesto. It’s bold, ‘heart on your sleeve’ stuff and it shrieks ‘so what are you going to do about it?’ to me. Every time I look at it, another one of the phrases jumps out at me. Today it’s ‘ask the next person you meet what their passion is’ – have your answer ready in case I bump into you sometime soon!

Today’s pebble for you is:

Which phrase stands out to you and why? What will you do about it?

Any thoughts?

(With thanks to Dave at Holstee for giving me permission to feature the image of the manifesto)

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6 Responses to A manifesto for life?

  1. JWag says:

    I love this. One to print out, frame, put on the wall and read every day.

    “If you don’t like something, change it.” Tears actually sprung to my eyes when I read this (tad emotional this morning!) as I’d been giving myself a hard time about my poor eating habits / lack of exercise of late on the drive into work this morning. This exact phrase had popped into my head from something I’d heard a while ago and here it is again. Well, it’s as if someone/something is trying to tell me that it really is that simple – just go and do. 🙂

    So thanks for putting this up. Has brightened my day. And I better get thinking about my passion as I’ll be seeing you first thing Monday morning… 🙂 xx

  2. ccasheppard says:

    Getting lost will help you find yourself…I can vouch for this – it sure does!!! With a little help from the special people in your life xx

  3. Roger Martini says:

    Mine is: “do what you love and do it often.” This is good soul-food. Doing what I love often is like a regular investment. I want to invest in what will last. Where I invest is where my treasure then is. And where my treasure is, there’s my heart. To me, it’s a virtuous circle.

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