I am the one and only

On a rainy day on holiday, we decided to go to indoor climbing. As it was term time, the centre was pretty empty as we got kitted up and we were soon tackling the various routes. The volume suddenly increased as a party of schoolchildren arrived – I guess they were probably about 9 years old and they were full of beans at the adventure ahead of them.

It seemed none of them had climbed before but they were soon clambering up the walls with the agility and energy you’d expect and the centre was filled with their happy chatter. Above the laughter, I suddenly noticed singing and looked round to see where it was coming from (whilst attentively maintaining my hold on the rope to which my husband was attached, of course!). Right at the top of a pretty difficult route, a wiry little boy called Will was triumphantly singing ‘I am the one and only, nobody I’d rather be! I am the one and only – they can’t take that away from me’.

It was great – not boastful or arrogant, just celebratory and excited! The look on his face was a picture. When he returned to terra firma, his mates gathered round him to congratulate him on being the only one to manage that route so far. It was a lovely moment to witness.

Anyway, I then ended up with that Chesney Hawkes (or ‘Cheesy’ Hawkes as we used to call him) song firmly fixed in my mind for the rest of the day:

‘No-one can be myself like I can,

For that job I’m the best man

And whilst this may be true

You are the one and only you’

I think we sometimes feel that in order to succeed, we have to be better than everyone else. We have to be more intelligent, faster, more business-savvy, fitter, more attractive, more innovative than everyone else. I wonder if those three words ‘than everyone else’ mean that we are distracted by constant comparison. What if the secret to being a linchpin is to be more of who we are rather than trying to be more like everyone else? To maximise on our uniqueness rather than mould ourselves into a version of someone else?

So today’s pebble is this:

how can you be more and do more of what makes you unique?

What do you think?


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