Island life

So in my last post, I encouraged you to design your perfect island, equipping it with all the people and materials and activities you’d like to see there. Rather meanly, I then asked you to lose five of those items, leaving with the five most important items to create a happy life on the island.

Was it fun? Did it make you think?

This time, I’d like to extend your thinking. As you review your island map or the list of your top five, what do you notice? Did you find it easy to whittle the list down to just five? What was really important to you? How do you feel about the five items you chose? What do they say about you?

My remaining five items were these:

1 my husband

2 a beautiful landscape of mountains, lakes, trees

3 a village of our family and close friends about 20 minutes walk from our home

4 seeds and plants

5 an endlessly re-stocked library

So it seems that I want to be with my husband and also involved in a community (although I clearly need my space as our family and friends are at a distance!); surroundings which allow me to relish in my love of the outdoors and outdoor activities; the opportunity to grow our own food; the opportunity to learn and be entertained.

What do your choices say about you? If those things listed above are really important to me, how does the way I live my life reflect and support those values? In a busy life, do I evaluate any new opportunity I come across against those values to see if it aligns with them or conflicts with them? That might help me make a decision about whether this opportunity is one for me to take up.

Today’s pebble: how do the activities in your life support those things which are important to you?

Any thoughts?



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