If you notice this notice,

… you will notice that it’s not worth noticing. Remember that daft saying?

Noticing is a funny thing though. When I first started training as a coach, my own coach (the rather fab Liza Hughes of Why Not? Coaching) spent a lot of time asking me what I was ‘noticing’. How I squirmed with all that ‘noticing’! I’d think ‘I don’t want to notice – that takes time, I’m too busy to notice.’ ‘What if I notice something I don’t like?’ ‘What if I don’t notice anything?’

How many of us have switched on the CD player in the car only to be surprised when the radio blares out alerting us to the fact the CD’s finished and yet we never even heard a track? How many times have I rushed past a Big Issue seller and muttered ‘no thanks’ without even looking in his or her eyes? How many times have you seen the children start going back to school in September and thought ‘where did the Summer go?’

Three years into my coaching journey, I would say that I’m pretty practised at ‘professional noticing’ – picking up on what’s happening in a session, what a client is saying or not saying, how he might be feeling, what her body language might suggest.

So I’m thinking that now I want to apply that in my own life. I don’t want to miss out because I was too busy to notice.

So this is what I’m going to do: I’m going to bury my head deeply in the fragrance of the flowers in my garden; I’m going to savour my lunch instead of wolfing it down at my desk as I work through a spreadsheet; I’m going to walk barefoot on the lawn; I’m going to listen to a play on the radio and let my mind conjure up the images for me; I’m going to really look into the faces of the people I meet as I go about my day.

This week’s pebble: what will you notice this week?

Any thoughts?


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6 Responses to If you notice this notice,

  1. Charlotte Pratten says:

    This is something I am incredibly conscious of. I often recall conversations I have had in the day, and realise that I wasn’t listening to people properly and so cannot remember the conclusion of a story. It’s so easy to get distracted, and so often feels so difficult to spend the time just listening to people. The hardest part for me is putting thoughts to one side to allow my mind to have freedom of thought. In fact I had the exact conversation this morning with my partner and my exact quote was “I don’t have enough head space during the week to think of anything else apart from work”. This is definitely something I will look to address, after all what’s life without freedom of the mind.

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  3. I’ve noticed that I notice far more when I’ve decided to write about the experience.
    For example: two years ago I went to South Africa for three weeks as a student at a well known healing school. With A4 note book and pen in hand – intent upon not missing any detail – I journalled every little thing: from the flight over; to the ‘quirky’ guest house and then the daily sessions on how to receive your healing through the laying on of hands. As a Christian Ministry they run yearly healing schools and attract 1000’s of sick folk from around the world. I still have many of their faces and tragic stories etched in my mind because I took the time to watch them and emphasise with their sufferings. The experience is forever with me – together with my own journey of healing through my testimony committed to words.
    Perhaps you’d like to read my testimony at the address enclosed.

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