Carrying too much?

When I was a child, there was a TV programme called ‘Crackerjack’, the highlight of which was a quiz where children were picked from the audience and were handed a prize for a correct answer or a cabbage for an incorrect one. They had to hold on to all the prizes for the duration of the quiz: drop one item and they were out of the game.

I like to make sure I maximise opportunities. I work for a company with multiple offices in one city, all about 5 minutes’ walk away from each other. If I’m going down to another building, I consider what else I can do while I’m there. Is there anything else I can drop off? Is there anything I can take with me for a colleague? Sometimes I’m so laden down with files and packages that I can barely open the door! And then I realise there’s something else I simply must take with me. Now I’m in a quandary: what do I need to put down in order to pick something else up?

Life’s like that too. If I over-book my diary, take on too many new activities, agree to join another working party, I can find my hands are too full to be able to do anything successfully. Having agreed to take a project on, I hate to have to go back on my word and pull out. However, sooner or later, I’ll drop something. I need to ask myself that question: what do I need to put down in order to pick something else up?

Over to you – today’s ‘pebble’ for you to turn over and examine:

what do you need to put down in order to pick something else up?

What do you think?

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14 Responses to Carrying too much?

  1. Jean Breeze says:

    Very thought provoking. Indeed it’s all about being organised and prioritising, but then something comes along and distracts you from doing what you really should be doing. Life is one big challenge!

  2. Eunja Palmen says:

    This morning, I put down worries over my teenage children and picked up the living words of Bible from colossian 3: 12 onwards to let the Peace rule in my heart…Gracious God enriched my heart with His words and I can keep going now by trusting The Creator, the Most High in me!

  3. R says:

    Another thought provoking pebble….it made me think about what we carry for ourselves and what we carry for other people. When is the right time to say no, or concentrate on what you need and want rather than carrying the responsibility for other peoples’ happiness and feelings.

    I’ve been putting off really thinking about what I need to do right now, and I need to put down the guilt and responsibility of hurting someone who has hurt me in the past and pick up looking after myself and how I can move forward.


  4. bazza says:

    Hmmm! Very thoughtful!

  5. Lyndsey Mayhew says:

    It’s like carrying monkeys. Everytime you meet someone at work they may say to you “Hey, can you help me with this” and if you say yes, they will hand over their monkey. Eveytime you say yes to taking something extra on you take on a monkey. One day you will be at work (covered in monkeys) and your collagues will say, “Coming to the pub ” and you will say, “Sorry too busy” (with monkey’s jumping everywhere!)

  6. Jo Watkins says:

    Fab site – Inspirational… Thank you x

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